Security cameras


CCTV systems comes in 2 basic varieties coax and IP based.  Both offer good protection as well as some limitations.  Both offer off premise viewing on computers and smart phones.

Coax analog cameras are a tried and true platform combined with a digital video recorder (DVR) the cameras can be run over longer distances than IP based but don't offer the high resolutions of IP

IP based cameras are a much higher resolution (up to 1080P) and are combined with a network video recorder (NVR)  IP cameras can't be run over 300' without a switch and for POE power over ethernet lengths are reduced further  

Hidden Covert Cameras

See them without them seeing you

We offer a complete array of covert cameras that can be hidden in plain site so you can keep an eye on employees, babysitters, guests, ect.   they can be hooked up permanently of as an as needed basis.