George H. Wright


Our company was founded in May of 1947 by George H. Wright who at the time was a professional welder and was looking for something that would keep him home to be with his family.  He opened a shop on Castle St. in Geneva and dabbled in many different things.  The focus was on hardware, as the business grew he needed more room and purchased a home at 48 Grove St which had a large shop in the back.  After some renovations they moved into the new location, and at that time started in the lawn mower sales and service, as well as large contract hardware jobs.  In the 1960's we became incorporated, and due to growth in all aspects of the business it was decided to focus on the locksmithing and security parts of the business and the lawn mower business was phased out.  Through out the 1970's we did mostly large school and commercial hardware jobs and continued to grow

In the early 1980's Jack Wright was looking for ways to expand the security part of the business as the contract hardware industry was changing.  In 1982 Jack and Janet purchased the Dictograph Security Systems franchise for Ontario, Seneca,Wayne, and Yates counties.  After training in Florham Park NJ we started offering security systems for sale.  There were many growing pains and set backs but the alarm business started to grow.  In 1984 John Jr. joined the staff full time (after working for many years part time) and went to many schools over the next few years. including 2 weeks at the Russwin contract hardware school in CT, and many weeks at the Dictograph alarm technician school.  He also completed a 4 year NY state apprenticeship in locksmithing.   In 1989 Jeff Wright joined the staff and started his training as well taking classes in NJ and NC.   At this point both John and Jeff have their NY State alarm license as required by the state to install and service alarm systems.

                                            John G. "Jack" Wright

In 1998 Jack and Janet purchased the old Lehigh Valey Railroad freight station building at 143 Wadsworth Street and after extensive remodeling we moved into our new and current location.  

Many Changes have occurred over the last 65 years and we often wonder what our grandfather and founder would think if he could be here today and see some of the electronic keys, and locks as well as the alarms and camera systems that are  available.