Our Security Services

For over 65 years George Wright Co. has established a commitment to quality installations and reliable service. Our security professionals can help you make informed decisions on projects large and small.


We offer a full range of products for the homeowner, condominium owner, or those who live in an apartment.

Many clients ask us to work with their home builder from the planning stages, to ensure integration of the security, home networking, sound, video, and fire alarm systems. Our IBridge Smart home integration panels were designed specifically for this purpose.

We also retrofit homes for security and fire detection. With so many types of construction, it is best to have a certified alarm technician visit the home, at no charge, to discuss options available with the homeowner. 


Our commercial applications include cameras with remote viewing, fire alarms, and security. 

Consulting Service

For a fee we can provide “No-Bid” design and specifications of Fire Alarm, Security Systems, Access Controls, and Camera Systems for entities wishing to get an “Apples to Apples” quote from other companies. We can help you analyze the quotes received, and if none of the quotes are suitable, we will then provide you with a quote upon request.

Security System Installations

Free quotes provided by state-certified technicians to help protect your home or business from intruders with:

  • Free Quotes given by State-Certified Technician
  • Home Security
  • Commercial Security
  • Apartments & Condominiums
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Heat Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Leak & Flood Detection
  • High Temperature Alarms
  • Low Temperature Alarms
  • Automatic Thermostats & Z-Wave Devices
  • Automatic Door Locks
  • Automated Vacation Lighting Schedules & Scenes
  • U.L. Listed Monitoring Center