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Vehicle Lockout Service

Not many things in life are more frustrating than discovering you have locked the keys in your vehicle.

We Can Help !! 

We have years of experience on every make and model of vehicle and are pros at damage free openings. We have been a AAA contractor for years and have performed thousands of lockouts from Audi's to Volkswagen's.

When we quote you a price there is no additional charge or hidden fees, we believe that honesty is the best policy.  When "calling around" we would suggest that you always ask - "what is the TOTAL PRICE  to unlock my car ?" If the company cannot give you an answer and the price seems too good to be true - such as $29.99 or $30.00 you are dealing with a scam company that upon arrival will jack up the price when they arrive.

Vehicle Lockout rates    Geneva $40.00    Waterloo $80.00     Seneca Falls & Penn Yan $90.00

I Am A AAA Member Needing Service

  Some Emergency Services We Provide :

  • Auto Lockouts , Ignition Repair, Replace Lost Keys
  • Home Lockouts and Door Repair
  • Commercial Services - Access Problems, lockouts, hardware repair
  • Safe Service and emergency openings


Emergency Service FAQ-

Does it cost more for " emergency service" ?

 Yes, service in the middle of the night is a slightly higher cost, but we also believe that pricing should be fair and honest. We do not gouge our customers due to them having a problem at night or on weekends.

Do you do service work on weekends ?

Yes, we understand that sometimes folks have a problem getting work done during the week and can schedule work for weekend / evening hours. After Midnight would be the most expensive ( we do sleep like most people ) but we do many service calls on Saturday or in the later evening hours with a nominal added charge for the service

 I'm locked out of my house or business can you help me ?

Sure, we do hundreds of residential / commercial lockouts but we do require that you have some sort of verification that you are authorized to be inside. For a home, the address on your  your divers license should match  the address you are requesting unlocked. Our job is security and we take that responsibility seriously. 

 Will unlocking my lock / car / business damage the locks ?

No, in 99% of the cases we can gain access with no damage to the lock or mechanism. In the case of automobiles, we have invested hundreds of dollars in equipment that is designed to open specific vehicles with no damage.  Most home or business locks can be opened with no damage. however, high security locks such as Abloy,  Medeco, Best IC Core, and similar are designed to prevent any type of manipulation and sometimes the only way to defeat these style locks is methods that render the lock unusable.

Can You Open A Locked Safe ?

Yes, one thing to remember - a safe is designed to keep a person from opening it without the correct combination. If you loose the combination and you cant get it open, it is doing what it was designed to do. We have thousands of dollars worth of safe equipment for opening locked safes, have gone to numerous schools, have a library of reference materials, yet we still have not been able to find a magic wand for opening a safe that has had the combination lost. If your safe fails to open and you do have a combination, many times we can open it in a very short time and repair it. Sometimes a safe has a mechanical failure and must be drilled open. This does take longer and is more costly.

We look forward to serving you !!!