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Residential clients pick Wright Locksmiths as the best security provider for their homes and loved ones. Offering over 65 years of experience we provide a security solution customized at a price each of our varied clients can afford for the ultimate in home protection.

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Residentials Services: when to Rekey locks and when the Replace them?

When relocating to a new house, it is an important to know who else has access to your property. You should make sure that only you can access the doors of your new house. For all such related concerns we help customers with their requirements. To know about the queries related to changing the locks or rekeying go through the below article.

It is definitely an impossible task to know who else can access your property especially when you are relocating to a new house. There is a chance of having a copy of keys with the relatives or friends of a previous owner, previous contractor or house keeper, or the previous owner themselves.  


The technique of changing the configuration of any existing lock so that the old key will not work is called rekeying. With this, you can make sure that your property can be accessed only with the new key and there is no necessity to have the old one anymore. The benefits of rekeying are

  • Save money without replacing the entire lock hardware.
  • Access all the doors of your property with a single key and overcome carrying multiple keys with you to wherever you go.
  • Ensure that no stranger can access your property.

When to change the locks:

It is important to consider changing locks in such cases as:

It is always suggested to consider consulting with one of our locksmiths in these scenarios in order to upgrade your current security levels. Professional Locksmith offers affordable rate for both Rekeying and changing locks.

  • If the current locks are working very poorly and it’s difficult to gain entry, or the lock is torn off.
  • When you are looking to upgrade the existing security level of your property especially at the main entrances such as front and back doors. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

For Small businesses or large corporations, we provide modernized locksmith services to secure your properties. Offering unique and high quality security designs for our business clients - from boutique retail shops to sprawling corporate parks or internationals headquarters - makes our firm the right choice for your company's needs.

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Master key services:

We provide top quality security services for all commercial properties. We have professional experience in designing, supplying and installing master keyed systems to meet the needs of the customer. To open all the doors of a property with one key, master key system is the best and most convenient way. It provides quicker access to all the rooms and will be easy for security guards and also lives can be saved during emergency. We also guide you in upgrading the existing locks to higher security hardware. 

High Security Locks

Want to be sure your employees or tenants don't get extra copies of keys we can help.  We have a complete line of locks and keys that require a signature card for duplication or new locks.  This helps keep track of who has what key.